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May 11th, 2018

Mother’s Day for Mothers of Addicts

“You need to take time for yourself.” Many of us have tried that turn of phrase on our moms, often right around this time of year when we annually honor their unlimited sacrifices. Read more
July 6th, 2016

You Are Never Helpless: You Can Help an Addict

Seeing a loved one struggle to overcome addiction, trapped in a vicious cycle of wanting to quit, but not knowing how, can be hopelessly painful. Read more
July 5th, 2016

The Scary Outcome of Denial

As parents, our love for our children is unwavering. We want what’s best for our children, and we only want to see futures and scenarios for our children in which they are happy, healthy, and successful. Read more
May 31st, 2016

For Parents: Warning Signs of Drug Abuse

Many parents report being completely blindsided when they find out that their son or daughter has been abusing alcohol or drugs.   Read more
May 16th, 2016

Why is detox an important step of the recovery process?

Between Hollywood’s graphic portrayals and the knowledge that your body will be reacting to life without drugs—causing withdrawal symptoms, cravings and emotions you can’t or don’t want to deal with—the idea of going into a detoxification program can be frightening. Read more
March 21st, 2016

The connection between bullying and substance abuse

Bullying has become a serious problem for many of today’s teens. Much more than teasing, and sometimes emotional rather than physical, being bullied can lead to significant emotional pain and trauma and leave lasting scars. Read more
March 10th, 2016

The Difficult Truth: The Real Reasons Why Kids Turn to Drugs and Alcohol

As parents, our most basic instincts are to protect our children, but how can we guard them every minute, of every day, from all of the dangers, temptations, and pressures that they will face? Read more
January 23rd, 2016

How to tell if someone you love is abusing Rx pain pills?

If you discovered that someone you knew or loved was abusing opiates, would you be surprised? Read more
December 1st, 2015

May Your Days be Healthy and Bright

How to Stick to Your Recovery Plan this Holiday Season The holidays can be a comforting time of year that brings family and friends together, but for many, they can bring family pressures, stresses, financial constraints, and the temptations of alcohol and other substances. Read more
November 21st, 2015

International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day is November 21st

Support for those Coping with Grief Suicide is not only a choice that ends a life – it is a decision that can devastate and destroy the lives of loved ones left behind. Read more

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