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Prevent Prescription Painkiller Abuse and Overdose Deaths in Western New York

Addiction and overdose deaths to prescription painkillers and heroin, especially among young adults, is growing at an alarming rate in Western New York.

In order to address this epidemic, Save the Michaels, BlueCross BlueShield of Western New York and Horizon Health Services formed a community outreach initiative called Painkillers Kill to increase public awareness of prescription painkiller addiction, provide educational resources to schools, students, parents and community groups, and most importantly, to connect those in need with appropriate treatment resources.

In February 2017, our group decided to change the message of this initiative and rename it Hope on the Horizon.  In the wake of tragic untimely overdose deaths, there is hope and help available.  Our goal is to provide education, help and resources to families struggling with substance use disorders, especially opiates including heroin.  Through this, we hope to decrease the amount of overdose deaths in our area.

Call (716) 831-1800 to be connected to care in our Western New York area.

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