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Our Story

The Painkillers Kill More than Pain awareness campaign was an initiative started by Julie and Avi Isreal’s organization, Save the Michaels of the World.

Avi and Julie of Buffalo founded Save the Michaels of the World after the untimely death of their son, Michael, who took his own life while struggling with his addiction to painkillers.  The goal of Save the Michaels is to educate parents, and reform legislation in Albany to help prevent prescription painkiller addiction among young people.

Since the passing of their son, Avi and Julie have been strong advocates and have helped to enact changes in how painkillers are prescribed and monitored. Save the Michaels of the World has gained national attention for its fight to educate parents, children and lawmakers.

Painkillers Kill:

The Painkillers Kill More than Pain awareness campaign was developed through a community-wide collaboration effort, spearheaded through Avi and Julie’s advocacy work with BlueCross BlueShield of Western New York and Horizon Health Services.  The goal of this effort is to help educate and raise awareness about the dangers of prescription pills.

Hope on the Horizon:

In early 2017, we decided to continue our mission of helping families and individuals find hope and resources easily in Western New York, but decided to strengthen our mission by carrying through a message of hope. Through education and providing easy access to care, we hope to decrease the amount of untimely deaths in our community.  Where there is pain, there is also HOPE.

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