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September 10th, 2018

Addiction Open Access Hotline FAQ

Q and A conceptThe Addiction Open Access Hotline is available for people living in Erie, Niagara, Allegany, Chautauqua and Cattaraugus counties. Professionals are standing by to link people to substance abuse treatment services. Addiction Open Access delivers immediate engagement, assessment, and referral services for people suffering from a substance use disorder. If you or a loved one is struggling, we can help any time, any day.

Addiction Open Access Hotline: Most Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do to help my loved one who is struggling?

A friend, significant other, or family member who is calling the hotline can be given resources to be linked with a family support program to provide help in dealing with their loved one’s addiction and recovery process. Keep in mind that if you are calling to help a loved one struggling with addiction, he or she will need to be a part of the call if they wish to be linked to treatment.

Is there any assistance with transportation?

Yes! We aim to help provide transportation to at least your initial appointment. We use different transportation methods to help, including Uber Health.

What can I expect when I call the hotline?

When you call the hotline, a qualified Addiction Hotline Counselor will provide you with support, and a quick screening to help choose the most appropriate level of care for you or your loved one. We can provide linkage to rapid access to outpatient treatment, support programs, emergency services or a detox agency. The hotline can also provide resource information to link an individual and/or their family to peer support and family support programs.

Is my information confidential? Do I have to give my name?

Yes, you do have the right to remain anonymous. However, if you would like to be linked to treatment we would need your information. All information shared on the hotline is confidential and protected.

What is the reason the hotline counselors would ask to gather my personal information?

The hotline counselors will ask to gather demographic data such as age, race, ethnicity, gender, etc., for a couple reasons. First, being to identify trends and areas of need. Secondly, the other reason is for research purposes.

I need to find treatment close to home, is that possible?

Yes! The hotline will link you with to a treatment service most appropriate for you need close to where you live.

I don’t have health insurance, can I still get help?

Absolutely! There are select agencies that don’t require insurance and/or can help you get some. If you are able to, it may be helpful for you to call 1-855-355-5777 or visit this website to enroll for insurance.

What ages can receive help through the hotline?

We can help people of all ages, typically 12 and up.

What if I don’t know what I need with regards to help?

That is okay! Our staff can answer the questions you may have and begin getting you the help you desire.

Can I call just for advice if I am not ready to go to treatment?

Yes, there are qualified around the clock hotline counselors that can help you go over your options and offer advice to help you determine your course of treatment.

What if I don’t know the answers to all of the questions I’m being asked?

You do not have to have all the answers, any information helps.

What programs are signed up for this project that you refer to?

You can be referred to: Outpatient: CAReS, ACASA, WCA Jamestown or Dunkirk, CCDOMH Chemical Dependency, BestSelf Behavioral Health, STAR/ Pathways, RASI, Brylin, Horizon, Evergreen, Endeavor, Beacon Center, Spectrum Health Services, TLC health, and more. Detox: Northpointe First Step, Horizon Village Terrace house, ECMC. Emergent services: Closest ER to your location. More programs will be signing on in the future as well!

Who runs the hotline?

The hotline is owned by Erie County and operated by Crisis Services call center staffed with qualified Hotline Counselors. OASAS then provided funding that was granted to Horizon Village to create an Open Access Center in Western New York. Instead of a building an Open Access Center to serve such a large region, this grant was used to revamp the hotline, which is now expanded to cover the five counties of Allegany, Erie, Chautauqua, Cattaraugus and Niagara. The hotline can now assist with rapid access to services and follow-up.

Download: Frequently Asked Questions

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