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June 24th, 2016

Heroin Abuse: What to look for? Drug Paraphernalia

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Think someone you love might be abusing heroin? There are many red flags to look for. One red flag is finding drug paraphernalia around the house, workplace or a car.

People using heroin usually have the following items close by:

  1. Syringes: Injection is the primary way that one consumes heroin. If someone doesn’t have a medical reason to have needles, this is a huge red flag.
  2. Homemade kits: If you also see odd groupings of items like a spoon (usually burnt), a filter of some type (for example a cotton ball) and a lighter or a candle, this is usually indicative of heroin use.  Some people even put these items together into a box, bag, bedroom drawer or glove compartment.
  3. Aluminum foil: Another method of ingesting heroin is by smoking it.  A user will place two pieces of aluminum foil, one flat piece to hold the heroin over a flame and the other rolled into a straw for inhaling the vapors. Empty plastic pen cases can also serve as straws.
  4. Pipes: People who smoke heroin may also own glass pipes with bulbous ends or metal pipes similar to those used for smoking crystal meth. Don’t know what they look like?  Just do a quick Google image search for terms such as “heroin glass pipes” or “heroin metal pipes”.
  5. Baggies or balloons: Small plastic bags can be used to contain or conceal heroin.  So are balloons that have not been inflated but are tied.
  6. Belts and laces: Many heroin addicts will use something to make a tourniquet in order to find a vein easier.

If you suspect someone you love may be abusing heroin, please contact our hope line. We can help you identify other warning signs (physical and psychological) signs of drug abuse.

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