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October 20th, 2015

How a Detox Facility can Help with Substance Abuse Treatment Plan

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Any change to the way we live can feel intimidating, even when we know that we are taking important steps to improve our lives. Recovering from addiction is a long-term, life-altering commitment. Rather than one large goal, it is comprised of a myriad of small, individual steps that together can carry you through to your ultimate desire of living a substance-free lifestyle. If you are beginning the road to recovery, know that you do not have to make your journey alone. Detoxification, or detox facilities specialize in providing the care and support you will need to accomplish your individual and overall wellness and recovery goals.

How Detox Facilities Can Help
When someone addicted to drugs or alcohol stops consuming a substance that they have been over-using, the body begins to experience withdrawal symptoms. Detox center professionals are trained to help ease these symptoms and help patients through the physical detoxification process as comfortably and confidently as possible. The primary goal of any detox program is to not only help an individual successfully rid his body of drugs and alcohol in the short-term, but also to learn how to change behaviors and beliefs so that drug and alcohol use does not continue after leaving the facility.

Since the contributing factors to each individual’s addiction vary, a detox facility will customize a treatment plan that aims to target the needs, beliefs, and behaviors that are impacting an individual’s desire, or perceived need, for alcohol or drug use. For example, a drug detox program may need to address the types of alcohol or drugs in use, or medical or psychological conditions that will factor in to long-term recovery. By providing a customized treatment plan, an individual is better prepared for the unique challenges that he will face upon discharge from the facility.

Choosing the Detox Program that is Right for You
If you or a loved one is considering a detox treatment plan, know that choosing the right facility will help ensure long-term success. Consider the following factors:

  • Program quality – Ask your physician or mental health provider for a recommendation on a facility that has earned positive recognition for program success and outcomes.
  • Facility location – Be sure to select a facility conveniently located to your home, work, or family, so that you can routinely attend appointments, or have the support of nearby loved ones while you are admitted.
  • Types of services offered – The process for alcohol detoxification varies greatly from the process needed to detoxify from opiates. Be sure to verify that your chosen facility specializes in the type of recovery treatment that you need.

When To Seek Support
If you relate to any of the following symptoms and signs of drug or alcohol addiction, consider seeking recovery support from a detox facility:

  • You feel unable to limit the amount of alcohol or drugs you consume or use.
  • You feel a strong need, rather than a desire, to drink or use drugs.
  • You are frequently dishonest about your drinking or drug habits with those closest to you, and often drink or use drugs when you are alone.
  • You have experienced periods of alcohol-related memory loss, or blackouts.

If you or a loved one is considering making positive lifestyle changes to lead a healthier lifestyle, know that with the help of a caring support network, and the guidance of trained professionals, you can not only overcome the initial detox withdrawal period, but the challenges of the days and weeks that follow. With a customized treatment plan and expert care, you can meet your goals of living free from drug and alcohol use, knowing from the moment you choose to quit, that you never have to be alone.

For more information or to find the best detox facility in the Western New York area, please call our HOPE line at (855) 969-HOPE.

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