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September 24th, 2014

Prevention Tip of the Week: Welcome communication

Group therapy in session sitting in a circle with therapistWhether you’re a parent, educator, counselor or friend, fostering a healthy environment for communication is an important step in helping to prevent drug abuse.

Risk factors like stressful home and social environments, peer pressure, and absence of education are triggers and should be identified early and discussed often. Building a network of support can encourage open conversations and prevent misconceptions about the dangers of painkiller and other substance abuse.

Strong bonds between parents and children, peers, students and teachers etc. only encourage questions from curious or concerned parties, preventing poor choices from being made.

Parents, talk to your children about the negative effects of prescription abuse. Make sure to discuss the physical, mental, emotional and legal repercussions which stem from stealing and/or abusing prescriptions.

Peers, be open to your friends if they want to talk. Listen to their concerns and make sure they’re aware of all the facts about drug abuse and assist them in finding help and support.  Help others to utilize all of the available resources and information so they know all their options.  Make sure to let him/her know he/she has a network of support and trust from people who care.

You can find information about signs of addiction, treatment options, prescription abuse prevention and more, at the Painkillers Kill website and on the Horizon Health Services blog.

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