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September 18th, 2014

Prevention Tip of the Week: Lead by example

Three goldfishesPainkillers can be extremely dangerous if taken incorrectly. When discussing their use and effects, make sure to promote awareness of how improper use can abuse and destroy the body.

Realistic discussion about painkiller abuse can encourage and reinforce awareness of the risks and consequences.  On the other hand, acceptance or indifference towards drug abuse can encourage negative choices by implying a lack of consequences for users.

How to lead by example:

  • Prepare kids, teenagers and young adults by discussing the negative results of addiction and talking through situations where they could be tempted and pushed toward drug abuse.
  • Don’t ever treat drug abuse or addiction as a joke as it could result in severe injury or death.
  • Discuss risk factors such as mental illness, poor social and coping skills, physical or sexual abuse, and academic problems. Know how these things may affect you or others alongside addiction.
  • Teach children or peers positive ways to say “no,” by encouraging them to be firm with friends and acquaintances, help them to develop a reason for their choice, and/or suggest something else to do or ways to walk away from a negative environment.

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